Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New places to check out!

Still catching up with the blog, the photos below are from 23-8 till 27-8. Right now Toby and Belle are doing fantastic! They're usually in the room where I am, and their socialisation has clearly started (compared to their helpless babykitten stage), they're also learning new skills every day! Belle is, as usual, first with things, like yesterday she found out she can get on the couch herself. But Toby wasn't far behind this time, he tried that himself today as well :) It's more climbing than jumping still, but considering the amount of kittens my couch has seen, I think it's holding up fairly well, haha! And it's SO adorable when Belle manages to find her way up the couch to then quickly climb me to cuddle my face, awwh! :$ She's also making these tiny hops now (can't really call it jumps yet) and bolts forward at times, I don't think she's fully understanding what's going yet, but she sure enjoys it :D
Oh! And Dewey seems to understand they're kittens now, haha! That took a while, from showing 0 interest or looking at them like they're stinky, to wondering if it's a fun new toy I brought him (oops! Luckily he's a gentle cat by nature >.< ) to now washing them a bit here and there and in general, showing a lot more interest :) He has most experience with kittens of at least 5 weeks old, and that shows now again too, they're about 5.5 weeks old now. And they're eating kittenfood, but his current interest has absolutely nothing to do with it, right Dew? ^_^

Even though it's usually Toby that's upside down, she can sleep like that too!

Toby found his way into the scratching barrel, but when I approached him with my camera, he got spooked and it clearly showed again that Belle is the brave one (but he's improving!)

But then he realized it was me...

And then he quickly came for cuddles :)

Poofy little Belle 

Nope, that food has nothing to do with it... :O

Toby was the first to discover a playtunnel

And looked happy to find me on the other side :)

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