Saturday, July 19, 2014

Slapping the cat app

I've tried various cat apps on my phone, tested them on Dew (unimpressed), Sue (loved to look at some games and maaaybe even ligt a paw!), the 4 little knights (some really enjoyed it, but specific games only) and now Mobi. Just like all of them, he only enjoys it at times, afterall, racing around is too much fun! But this was one of those moments where he did :)

Did I already mention he climbs the bench himself nowadays? :) Although he's often not so clever and jumps the open door, making it swing so he fails to climb it, haha

One of his favorite toys, he fished it out of the toybasket himself :)

Aren't those backlegs cute? :)


Here he wanted to check out the camera, the next shot was filled with just black/white hairs :D

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