Thursday, July 10, 2014

Posing for the camera!

Time for an update on the nameless kitten (I usually take a few days to come up with names, but started blogging straight away this time :)), in short, he's doing great! There's stuff that needs to be worked on, like his fur is in bad condition, there's some dirt and stains in it which seems to be quite stuck. And as it turns out, cleaning him is oh so scary! He can't get it cleaned himself I think, but it'll come, he's been through so much that I'm taking it easy now. His backleg that's injured also has weird fur on the top of that paw, very strange, like it's matted to his skin somehow. But he's of course a shorthaired kitten, not the usual type of cat that you'd see matted fur on!
His behaviour is fine for his time here, he's very playful (he's been in the living room most of the day today!) but also goes back into the bench to eat, sleep and use the litterbox. He did sleep a bit outside of it as well already :) I do think he's not so well socialized however, there's little things that can spook him which surprised me, but because he has so much character and is so brave, he recovers really fast at those times and you can't always tell unless you pay a lot of attention to him. But other things that I'd expect him to be maybe be a bit scared of, are fine! Laundry machine going full speed? No problem. Swiping the floor? Impressive, but ok. Wiping a piece of dust of the couch with my hand? Panic! But we're getting to know each other a bit and he's improved so much already that I have no doubts he'll be doing great very soon! :D
He's a bit more relaxed towards my cats now too, Sue already slapped him around a little and already earned some respect. Not a pleasant sight of course (but no worries though, she doesn't injure kittens!), but I know it's what he needs, they can raise him in a way I won't ever be able to. He tried rushing for her a few times today, she reacted a few times, after that he calmed down and respected her more. And Dew as well, so thanks to Sue's tough love he already picked up that jumping them and racing towards them without greeting isn't nice! Dew isn't loving him, he thinks the scent of vet and injuries isn't a nice one -at least I think that's what he reacts to- but he already gave the kitten a few licks here and there. I hope that in a few days time, or when I'll be able to clean him more, Dew will be more ok with him too! :)

On my lap

Using the front cam of my phone, always interesting for kittens :D Not a sharp pic but still cute if you ask me!

Another frontcam pic

The way his face is shaped reminds me of Flower from Bambi! If he was a girl, I'd probably call him after that (the Dutch name Bloempje) :D

Looking at Sue

Black pads <3 On his front paw and near his shoulder you can see a few grey spots, that's dirt, and there's a few more dirty areas. But he tries to work on that too, he washes himself well :)

His nose was a bit dirty too, I did manage to clean that a little, just not on the top, that was too scary

I can tell you how he doesn't seem to be in pain, but a photo says more than a thousand words, right? He's leaning on some stitches here :)

Sitting under the scratchingpole, I think it'll take a while before he gets up there, but he already went on the first platform via the toybasket! Clever little cutie :)


  1. What a cutie face!
    When I read in previous posts that they had to amputate his leg... almost made me cry... Poor thing.

  2. I know what you mean, and especially since it's a front leg even (washing, scratching, litterbox, defending, climbing, ...) :( But I found out today that he loves a specific toymouse, and taped him playing.
    I'll post that and more playpics in the next post, but thought it would maybe help to see him like that already? :) He does struggle a little with the floor at times because he has a little less grip of course, but I should be getting a new carpet sometime in the coming days, so that should help near the couch area at least :)

  3. Hahahah Cute!
    He is handling it all pretty well :) Sometimes You can tell he is missing the other paw and would love to push the mouse, but he cant. I am still amazed how playful and happy he is :D

  4. Yeah right? :) Those moments where he wants to use it do sadden me, but I think he'll be used to it in a matter of weeks! Animals can have such amazing spirits, he's no exception :)