Friday, July 4, 2014

Saying goodbye to Arthur

Sometimes kittens seem to know so well what's going on, not just when people that were interested in them visited them (for example, Lance and Perce stayed on the background when Tris and Arthur had visitors, while other visitors really see them all in action), but also when it's close to saying goodbye. The day before Arthur left I found him upstairs, on my bed with Sue and Dewey, and he was snoozing with Dew. Or better said, Dew was snoozing with him! o_O I've never seen him with a kitten like this before, it totally melted my heart :L A while later it was just Arthur on the bed, and I cuddled him for a while, told him how I felt about his stay here and that he was going to move and all. I usually do that with kittens, it's not that they reply much (if I'm lucky they prr or meow, lol), but it's nice for me to say goodbye like that :) And it's always very special when it's clear that they sense that something is up! When his new owners picked him up, they brought a travelling cage with a big and soft pillow in it, and it didn't take long before he was snoozing with his eyes closed and purring in the basket. What a great way to see him go! :D And they already send me a message, I'm very happy to say that he's doing very well and from what I hear, he's being his usual adorable self, yay! :D

This was after they visited Arthur for the first time, Arthur on top, Perce middle, Tris bottom

Arthur left and Perce, Tris in the background

Posing for the camera, which didn't go as well, he started to attack the paper in front of him :O

Arthur and Dewey ♥ Aren't they adoooorable?!

Hiding his face, naaaww! :L I do think Dew was a bit heavy for him at times, poor thing, haha!

Snoozing while I said goodbye :)

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