Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dewey, couch, scratching pole...

Yep, random pics it is!

Dew and Mobi goes a lot better already, Mobi is still way too hyper, jumpy-jumpy-slap-slap towards Dew, but now he just slaps back (gently luckily, I've seen what he can do >.<), and he does wash a bit more now, which Mobi slowly accepts a little. But not too long though, jump-slap it is! :O I have to say, I think Mobi is quite an annoying kitten for him to deal with, and Dew ain't loving him, but he won't give up on him and keeps trying to make clear how he wants stuff. It takes time, but I see he's becoming successful!

The other day I got really emotional when I saw Mobi like this, and I'll show you why below

It's a bad picture, I took it with my phone of an actual picture, but here's my little girl Bindi as a kitten. They're obviously similar, but when Bindi had cancer and had surgery, she had it on the same spot as Mobi's missing leg. He had some stitches on the side of his body as well, just like she did... Getting emotional like that just hit me out of the blue, I miss my sweet girl. Foster kitten Salla was very alike too, but she was a bit older and Bindi was still alive, so I never experienced getting reminded of her like this by a foster kitten before. Just wanted to share this as well :)

Mobi has found his ways around he bottom part of the scratchingpole, and can often be found there as well :) Here he's on the 2nd platform from the ground

Climbing up :) He's slowly climbing here, but he sure can jump well, nothing wrong with those backlegs, haha!

Woah, kitten! What are you doing there! Look at him trying to climb that thing :D As I said in my previous post, I don't think it'll be long before he's way up there!

Cute lapcat :)

In the hanging basket (this time with a little help, but he can get there already too! :))

He's so tiny still :)

Completely cuckoo! :O

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