Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last bunch of photos of kittens together

Catching up on the blog with the last few posts, because now all 4 have left. But here's a bunch of photos that I didn't post yet :)

Starting with a pic of Arthur on top of Perceval (both Arthur and Lance got a cute name from their new owners, not sure on Tris' and Perce's names, but for me they'll always stay the little knights :))

Perceval and Dewey, after I took this pic Perce climbed Dew to get -you guessed it- washed! :D

Perce looks like he's thinking "I did something stupid now, didn't I"... well yes Perce :D She might look snoozy but that paw is there for a reason, those ears don't look relaxed, and the sounds she just made ain't so good either! >.< But I have to say, Sue was surprisingly tolerant towards these 4! She made very clear from the start what she thinks of them, and they had quite a bit respect for her, so later on she was more relaxed near them as well. Came on my lap while there were kittens nearby and such ♥

After Tristram and Arthur left, Lancelot and Perceval started to play more with me as welll... ouch!

I just wanted to pet him, haha! I don't let kittens play with my hands, but this time I could only laugh, silly kittens :D

Being brave near the vacuumcleaner (ok ok it was turned off, but still ^_^)

Perce was sleeping, but Lance wanted to say goodbye!

Poor Perce :D

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