Sunday, July 6, 2014

And the last one, Perceval, left as well

Last Friday both Lancy and Perce were picked up, but Lance was first, and after that Perce started meowing really sad, poor thing :( So I didn't take a lot of pics of him anymore, just soothed him instead as best as I could. When his owner came he was a bit spooked at first as well (Lance and Perce already had to get used to missing 2 brothers, now he was all alone and I think he was a bit confuzed by it all and not so brave anymore), but luckily Dew came to the rescue :) Perce was in for a long trip to his new home, I hope all kittens arrived well and are now showing their owners how awesome and adorable they are! ♥

Perce always loved going up high and snoozing on top of the couch, and after he discovered my blanket he often snoozed there

Look at him being a big boy! ^_^ It wouldn't surprise me if these 4 all grow up to be big males!

And on his favorite scratchingpole :)

Marking the scratchingpole, cute :)

And marking some more :D

The pics below are all quite similar, but I couldn't choose. Isn't he pretty? ♥ Those paws! :L

It's been awesome with these 4 little knights, they're really adorable, sweet and funny kittens and to be honest, my inner crazy catlady would've loved to keep them all! :$
As always, I don't foster all the time, so I'll have a little while off now :) But it wouldn't surprise me if I'm back on this blog another time this year!


  1. I am gonna miss those little ones :(
    Hope they all have happy homes now :)

  2. I will miss the four little knights too - while reading from afar only, I really fell for them all and also hope they have happy new homes - you gave them the best start possible - of course with the help of Dewie ;-)