Sunday, July 27, 2014

Other people's fosters: Eefje

I've been doing something new last week, I've been working with some other fosterhomes to help with their photos to hopefully help their kittens get adopted quicker. I've done 1 of those little shoots at another fosterhome, the rest I took in the shelter, when the vet was there and they had to be there anyway. The result is obviously not as great as you can achieve in a safe environment (although some kittens didn't care much about the strange room and vet and all that, haha), but with a camera instead of like a mobile phone, the photos can turn out nicer nevertheless! Hope you'll enjoy seeing them too, they're not my fosters, but cute nevertheless so I figured to share them anyway :) If I do this more often, I'll probably share them here as well, also because it might be nice for myself to look back and -hopefully :P- see improvements in my pics :)

The first kitten is a pretty little lady that's living together with another kitten of her age, and she was quite impressed by that stranger with the camera! So it took a while before she unwinded a little, but I think it ended up fine in the end :)

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