Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mobi & Dewey... and Sue!

The pictures that I have today are a bit older already, I've been a bit busy and haven't started sorting the newest pics yet! Mobi's doing great, his wounds are almost healed, except the tip of his leg. That's easily explained though, he uses it for everything! :D So it takes a bit longer, and it's not doing bad either, so I'm convinced that it will heal fully soon too. The way he can speed through the house, throw around toys, or get upstairs would make you think he still has all 4, but when he walks slowly, that bunny hop shows a lot more, and scratching on the scratchingpole isn't as loved either. I think he'll end up loving one of those scratch mats on the floor. This weekend I'll sort some pics and finish writing his text, then he can go online for adoption already! Next week he'll get his chip and shots, and the week after he can go, so I hope he'll find a forever home soon :)

Sue still often corrects him by slapping him with some added sound effect, then he's more respectful again for a day or so... Stubborn little creature! :) She seems pretty ok with him besides that though, they even ate from the same plate twice now! o_O Dew gets a bit tired of him, Mobi's still jumping him sooo much and most of the time Dewey isn't in the mood for that. Especially with the hot weather we're having at the moment! But he also seems to know that Mobi's healed a bit, because now there are moments where he does play with him. But 4.5kg vs a 7.5 week old, that's no match! So it has happened several times now that Mobi starts to make a lot of sound and Dew's clearly playing too rough. If Mobi then gets out of those big paws and runs away -making me think he learned a lesson-, he just stops about a meter from Dew, turns around and charges his head again! >.< Oh oh that kitten :O And this morning that happened several times as well, and when they got downstairs, Dew let out his inner kitten and started to do those jumps where they fly straight up in the air (you know if one kitten runs towards the other and it reacts with a jump up? That kinda jump, silly Dewdew :L). I thought it looked so funny, but that was a bit too impressive for Mobi, haha!

There are some moments now where Mobi lets Dew wash him, but that's still uncommon and usually he had enough within a minute, time to play!

Still a bit apart, but Mobi kept closing in on Sue, he just wanted to sit next to her and eat! Poor Sue, although she seemed to love this food so much that she didn't care all that much, and it has happened once again since!

Mobi discovered the playtunnel, which was pretty impressive at first... it moves and makes a swoosh sound, but it didn't take long before he loved it!

Couldn't get a clear shot, he just moves way too much :D

Still likes to chill on top of the toys at times

Not aware of that big thing behind him... :O

Oh hai!

Cute kittenfuz ^_^

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