Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New -yet to be named- kitten!

I usually have a break in between fostering, to enjoy my cats and my house again and let my cats enjoy the quiet house, get my energy back up, and to completely let go the previous kitten(s) so to say. And as you know, last Friday the last 2 of the little knights left my house, so time for a break... but yesterday the shelter contacted me about a kitten and after thinking about it, I just couldn't say no :) This kitten was brought in at 5 weeks old and with a severely injured front leg, they brought him to the vet straight away and she had no other option than to amputate it. The recovery from that surgery took quite a bit from him from what I understood, and it took a few days before he got back on track again and when he started to play, they knew it was time to move to a fosterhome! They called him Tripple at the vet's, because of how he moves and because he has 3 legs now. And even though I think that's a cute name, I always give my fosters a new name, and I don't think I want to put the focus on his legs. He's so much more than that missing leg! :) But I don't know yet what I'll call him, I hope I get an idea soon, he deserves a name for his time here :)
He's in a huge bench at the moment, he'll be there during nights and most of the time for now at least. He clearly sees the bench as a safe spot, he has his familiar blankets there and does great! He hopped outside the bench a few times now, but that's still a bit overwhelming as well, so he goes back in fairly quickly. But whenever he's ready for it he can come out more :) And this morning we already had some cute cuddletime on my lap, I'm really impressed at how much trust he has in humans, even though he's been through so much already!

Dew already went to sniff him when the people from the shelter were still here, I think he showed a bit how great he is, love my boy :$ And after putting the kitten in the bench, he checked out the cage as well

Then he wanted to say hi to the kitten again, but this little creature has no patience! Greeting? Nah, playtime straight away! Dewey isn't too fond of that, he wants to say hi, take his time to sniff and get ready to wash this newcomer, but the kitten just slaps him with that 1 paw and jumps at him! Dew started to ignore him at such moments and just walks away, which I think is good, tiny needs to learn how cats interact :)

He has plenty space in the bench and several soft spots, but he just loves to lie in this little basket at the front and check everything out! He often pretends to be asleep but I can just feel him watching my every move :D

Cute little face :)

Dew wouldn't be Dew if he wasn't interested in the kittenfood :D I put a box in the bench with a hole in it, the food and water is in there, else Dewey will just start fishing his "candy" out of the bench! He can stretch surprisingly far, haha!

And here I didn't pay attention for a moment... :O

Here he's looking up to Dew who's on top of the bench. He tried to climb it but that didn't work out with that 1 front leg, although I suspect it won't be long before he's capable of a lot more!

So far my sweet girl Sue is surprisingly relaxed around this kitten as well, I think it's because it's just 1 and because she's a lot more used to having kittens come in and leave again later on. So happy to see that and so proud of her ♥ And even though this kitten just arrived, he too just senses that Sue isn't the kind of cat that you should jump or any! It might look like Sue is just standing near the table, but she has a special way of greeting me near that table, which she did here as well, and she wouldn't stand there if she wasn't relaxed :)

It's been less than a week since he had his surgery, but the wound looks so good already! And it doesn't seem to bug him at all, I do think he needs to get used to missing a paw but luckily he's not in pain or any! One of his backlegs is wounded on the inside as well, it looks like a big abrasion and I think that is a bit sensitive still (or maybe he just doesn't like me messing with his legs, that could be too, haha), but that should heal fine :)

Ehm, what! :o Now there's a rare sight! :D She's clearly a bit out of her comfortzone there as well, haha. I have a blanket over the bench during nights, with just 1 side open, to give the kitten a safe place. During day it's only on the back of the bench, so he can see around a lot more

But Dewdew on the bench is nothing new! :D

So much for the first post, I'll post more soon, I'm sure it won't come as a surprise that I already have more pics ready :$


  1. Well, it's a he actually, but that sure doesn't make him any less cute, right? :D Thanks for commenting Katie! :)

  2. He is gorgeous, as is Dew - I always love seeing how he interacts with the kittens. How did Mobi's leg get injured? xx