Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lancelot leaving

And here we have the last photos of Lancelot (and a few with Perceval), he was the easiest kitten from the start. In the first days he was always awake when I wanted to feed them, ready for a bottle, and he just continued with doing well! The result was the biggest kitten of them all, just an easy, healthy, adorable kitten that sure loves his food! :)

Perceval has an extra soft basket :D

Such pretty eyes! They looked a bit brown in the last period here, wonder what it'll be in a while!

Using my desk as pillow :)

I combed Sue and often that leaves me with a lot of hair, this time was no exception. But the kittens started to play with it! >.< Here's Lance playing with some of her hair, eww silly kitten, haha!

Aww <3

He jumped down onto this bean bag and just stayed in this odd position for a bit :)

And of course Lancy had to check out the camera again! :O

I have this toy in 2 variations, both used to be attached to an expensive toy for Dew... He can destroy feathery toys quickly, but this one was worth the money, stayed in 1 piece! Until I got 4 kittens that chewed the strings that attached them to the rod in many little pieces... :P

Bye cutie :)

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