Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back to sweety Mobi!

Well, lets start with the bad news... Mobi has a little hole in his amputated leg, the wound opened up there and his bone is right below the skin. The vet had a look, she suspects he needs another surgery to shorten that bone a bit more :( Considering how close it is to the surface and how much he uses that little bit of leg, I think he'll indeed end up getting another surgery, also because else there's a chance that it'll open up again after healing. But for now he'll go on antibiotics, painkillers and cleaning the wound, and he doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort luckily! She also said this can happen at times, it doesn't have anything to do with things like Colin and him playing and they can stay together. Earlier this week his little leg was a bit swollen, he's been to the vet then as well, but there wasn't any reason for concern back then and his temperature was fine too, he did get painkillers just to be sure though. A few days later the swelling was gone, but I did notice some more dirt got stuck to it, so in hindsight I think that it started opening a bit then and leaked just a little bit of fluid, making dirt get stuck. At that moment it still looked ok though, and I thought he'd be fine again, he just uses it so much!
The person that's interested in adopting him luckily still is, so he'll still get a visit on Wednesday, but he was ready for adoption then and could've left if there was a click. Now we're looking at 10 days of antibiotics, possibly another surgery, and he can't leave until the vet thinks it's healed enough. Poor thing, as if he hasn't been through enough yet :( On the bright side though, Colin and Mobi are become better friends with each day that passes! More on those 2 in a later post, first some Mobi pics :)

Being a hyper kitten makes you tired as well! :)

Wait... how did you get in there Mobi? Yep, he jumps and climbs great! :)

 Still climbing the bench as well :)

Looked next to me and saw this :O Unfortunately no sharp pics, when he spotted me looking he came up for cuddles :)

Living on the edge, haha! He can sit on the opposite side, or just take another plate, but nope :D

Why settle with 1 mouse when you can have 2? :O

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