Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mobi on the couch

Time for an update first! And I can be short here, Mobi's doing absolutely fantastic! ♥ He surprises me every day by doing something that I didn't know he was capable of, like climbing upstairs within no time (I came home and opened the bench, not long after I couldn't find him, turns out he was upstairs! :o) or like today, climbing his bench. And then not the easy way, nope, he goes up there without any help from the bean bag nearby, just climbs up :D And he loved it up there, went back a few times already! He also tried to climb the scratchingpole, I don't think it'll be long before he gets high up those too!
Yesterday he had his stitches removed, that wasn't so nice for him, but he was so brave! And he was all cuddly on my lap in the waiting room, wasn't too scared or any for most of the time (was closing his eyes as well as purring). Little hero :)

These pics are from a few days ago, yes, I have some catching up to do again! :)

He loves being on the couch, rolling around, playing, snoozing...

Lying next to me

Toy mouse! :O

The dirt on his backpaw is more visible here, I have no clue what it is, but I did get most of it out. It was like a big scab stuck to his paw, but he still had all his fur there (unlike the other injured spots) and the color was a bit odd too. So I suspect it was maybe some nasty material that got stuck on his paw underneath the fur and annoyed the skin, instead of being an actual wound. There's still some left, but as you can imagine, removing that wasn't nice for him. But he took it sooo well!
He was snoozing on my lap while I was picking that stuff from him (normal cleaning didn't work and he finds that a bit scary still), but obviously some of his hairs came along too. He gently bit a finger every time it got a bit sore, and we just took it nice and slow. He knew I was helping him, and when I got most of it out (there's some on/between his toes and some that's a bit higher up his paw, but that'll come) he rolled upside down, bellyside up, all stretched out on my legs and purred while snoozing. So cute! :L It must've been a relief for him to get that out, cats don't like to be dirty and I doubt he could've easily fixed that himself. That was a very special moment, uncomfy for him I'm sure, yet really bonding :)

With the "scary" toy :D

He has such a cute shaped nose area! :D

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