Thursday, July 24, 2014

New kitten, will it become a friend for Mobi?

I'm so far behind again, hah, making a habit of it! :$ Right, starting with an update then, beginning with the knights! I've received updates on 3 of them, and from what I read and saw, they're doing great! So very happy to see that, I always get a bit worried at first, will they be ok in their first period in their new homes? The answer for those 3 is yes, and I have full faith in that it'll continue that way for them! Bye little sweeties, it has been awesome :)

Now about that cutie that's here right now: Mobi is doing absolutely fantastic! He's adorable, cuddly, clever, oh so energetic... but he's also being a little monster towards Dew, playplayPLAY! This wouldn't work out much longer I'm afraid, I need to protect my cats as well so to say, so I discussed it with the shelter and we spoke about returning Mobi to the shelter. But we agreed that it would be worth a shot to give Mobi a friend to play with and burn all that energy with, so when the shelter would get a kitten around the same age, he could come here. Well, today was the day, they had 2 kittens. One was a bit scared but the same age, the other around 14 weeks and hyper (Mobi is little over 8 weeks now), so I felt the scared one would maybe be best, considering the age of the other one.
So now I have yet another kitten, he's absolutely beautiful but oh so scared, didn't even move or react whatsoever when Dew went to sniff him through the bench. That's a first :( And little Mobi? He greeted his new "friend" with his back up and a big tail >.< I hope those 2 will become friends quickly, they're supposed to go in the same bench later tonight, lol. But will see what happens, I need to take it easy with the new one :) I covered up the bench with a blanket and he's tired but also scared to give in, sitting in the corner ever since he arrived. And not long after he arrived, I got a call, Mobi will get a visitor next week! Fingers crossed he'll get his forever home then!!
Other news: I've been helping other fosterhomes with making pics of their kittens, for example people that don't have a (good) camera, and I'll probably post those here sometime as well. Not my kittens, but oh so cute nevertheless!

I'll start sorting Mobi pics tomorrow, he's such a sweet bundle of joy, loves to lie at or near me (with this warm weather he prefers the cool floor, but always keeps a little contact with my feet :L), loves to play, makes funny sounds and purrs adorably, ahhh so much cute! Can't handle! :O But in the mean time I have a first picture of his hopefully soon-to-be-friend, this male's estimated date of birth is exactly the same as Mobi's, so 8 weeks and a few days old now. Smoky black, orange eyes, beautiful! I stayed far away from the bench when I made this pic, to not scare him further (yay for zoom!), so even though it doesn't fully show his pretty eyecolor, I'm sure it gives you an idea what I'm talking about :) He's looking at dew here, and his fur is a bit punky thanks to the flea spray, but that'll get normal again of course. Dewey's being a sweetheart and just slowly, gently approaches him at times and sniffs a little with a bodylanguage that says "it's ok little buddy". Dew <3

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