Sunday, July 27, 2014

Other people's fosters: Twister

Last week I've been photographing some kittens that are in other fosterhomes, to help out people that for example don't have a camera themselves. They go online and hopefully help out with getting them adopted quicker. These photos were taken at the shelter, when the kittens had to be there anyway to visit the vet. The result is obviously not as great as you can achieve in a safe environment, although some kittens didn't care much about the strange room and vet and all that! :)

They had 1 catroom empty, so plenty to see and do there for kittens - but also plenty spots to hide. So I decided to keep them higher up, on one of the shelves on the wall, they're there for cats to go up high, but also seem to work for these kinda pics, haha! Too bad of the background so to say, but I can't tell them to sit still in a nice little basket of course :D I still see points to improve on with these photos, for example my focuspoint was off here and there, but ah well. Twas the first time, better luck next time!

Twister was the first to be photographed at the shelter, and he was such a cutie with a funny face! Pretty relaxed as well as you can see :)

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