Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mobi's playing!

I decided to go with the name Mobi (short for mobility), I wasn't fully convinced of any name yet and I didn't want to put focus on his missing leg and his bunny hops and all that. But yesterday I saw him trying to climb straight up on a scratching pole and climbing via the toybasket up to the 2nd platform of the big scratchingpole, and he's often there now! This morning he jumped on the couch (I put a basket there for him to use to get on it easier, because his jumps kept failing, but nope... he kept trying and made the jump :D), and he's been racing around like he has 4 paws, and just being amazingly well-adapted already! So Mobi it is :)
And little mister Mobi is quite a handful too; he sure loves plants, enjoys playing with hands, and Sue's tough love was forgotten overnight, so my cats have their hands paws full as well! Especially Dew struggles a bit with Mobi's overenthusiastic approach, and he's not loving the boxed up kittenfood out of his reach either! So he's a bit frustrated atm :( But I hope that'll improve when Mobi grows a bit further, has his wounds all healed up and can be cleaned properly, I think his scent doesn't help either. The stitches will be removed around Monday, then hopefully his hair will start growing back soon as well, and then I think it won't take long before you'll barely notice that he's missing a leg!
Here are some photos from the first days here, and a bonusvid at the bottom :)

Mobi on his first day, playing in the bench with a toymouse

My fluffy slippers have fluffy balls too!

That's the injured backleg with the weird and dirty fur on top, it's not as visible here but I'll check with the vet what's up with that spot and how to clean it. I'd rather not wash him, but I'm not sure if that can be prevented, I think some of his dirty spots could possibly be the remains of something like car grease stains?

Some toys scared him at first, a ball with a bell was very scary, and this toy made him hiss and almost panic! But brave as he is, that didn't take long. Still not his favorite toy and a bit spooky, but I do gently play with it at times so he learns that really, there's nothing to be scared of!

Playing with orange hamsters

And here he started to slap some scratchingpole ropes!

One of his favorite types of mice

I took out a low Catit playrails, hoping he'd lean on it with his bad side and slap the ball with his good. He enjoyed watching it, but it took a few days before he understood how it worked, he figured that out last night :) It's in his bench, for extra entertainment during nights!

They already noticed at the vet that he could really use some toys, and I guess Mobi agreed! He enjoys snoozing on that basket :O

See, that toy isn't that scary :)

Right now he's showing again that the name matches well, I blocked the doorway to the rest of the house with bean bags. Well, that only took a few days, he's already in the kitchen right now, drinking from the fountain! :o Especially in the first few days he often showed that he wasn't fully aware of the missing leg yet, trying to poke and slap stuff with it, so sad :( But he improved so much, it's so amazing! And on the rare occasions when he isn't racing around, discovering stuff, playing, being a handful and playing some more, he really does love to cuddle as well, and he packs quite an engine! Prrrrrrr, so cute! :L

Mobi arrived late in the afternoon on Tuesday 8-7, I made this vid on the morning of the 10th, less than a week after his surgery. And he improves more and more with every day that passes!

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