Friday, July 4, 2014

And to Tristram as well!

After Arthur left, Tris got all cuddly and sat with me for quite some time :) I said my goodbyes to him as well, and then he got picked up by an enthousiastic family, and I just know he'll get spoiled with attention there, just what he needs! :D Perce and Lance sad goodbye to him as well by playing with the cage while he was in there :O I'm gonna miss that little squeaky voice, although I'm very happy for his owners that he doesn't really have that high pitched sound anymore or spams his meows all day long, haha! And it's been an absolute pleasure to see him grow up from cuddly miniature to cuddly big kitten! :D

Cute and pretty :)

Perce in the background (very easy to know since these were taken after Arthur left :D)

Aww, I'll miss you little buddy! <3

Together with Lance, and I still can't get over how big they became! :D

Those paws stay so cute! :L

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