Tuesday, July 21, 2015

And downstairs together!

There's a time and place for everything Dew, and washing a kitten that's on the litter box isn't the right combo... The look in Nala's eyes says it all! :D

These kinda pics always show well how little they are, they can just walk under Dew and through his legs without touching him! Sue in the back still isn't loving the kittens, but nothing new there. She has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, so I wasn't sure if I could foster more, I wanted to get her painfree first. Luckily that worked well! She now has daily painkillers and special food, and she's doing very well on those! The downside? Both Dewey and Sue gained weight from that food, and I'm not even giving it pure yet :( (it's currently mixed with Dew's dietfood, see how he handles a switch first) It's really important for Sue to keep her weight low to help with her joints and bones, and she's always been overweight no matter what we tried, so I'm quite sad to see this :( And dew was in great shape, so yeah, I'm not happy with it. But oh well, on the bright side, it helps her and she's doing fine besides her weight! :)

I gave a small bowl of water on the side, in case they found it scary to drink from the fountain, but they all drink from it after their initial ' :o what is that?!'

Dew and Nala playing with the same toy :)

Poppy was in one of the scratchingitems, and Dew went to check it out, it's one of his snoozespots

The kittens enjoy the toys hanging in that thing, here Poppy slaps it with both paws at once :D

Munchy cuddles :)

Trying to learn her my fingers are for petting, not for nibbles!

Petting her chin and cheek resulted in a nibble

I stopped petting her and then she went ahead to nibble on my sleeve (yay for those comfy homesuits, they're great for kittens, saves my clothes, haha!). Munchy, don't do that! And then she continued going for the zipper...
It's getting a bit better now, yay! But boy, was she at it with her nibbling! This is probably the most stubborn one I had so far when it comes to that, taking such pics wasn't exactly hard either. Just sit on the ground with my phone and take pics of the kittens, and before you know it, there she is, ready to chew on stuff! I have noticed that she tends to forget things easily, like a warning from my cats, I guess that doesn't help here either. But I'm doing my best to be equally stubborn about it :D I really hope she'll continue dropping that habit, it's not such a nice one to be honest, but luckily she makes up for it by being a sweet little cuddle :)

In the mean time Dew decided that Nala needed to be moved, but where to...? He doesn't know either! Every once in a while I have a kitten that gets him in touch with his inner mum, haha! Then he picks it up like a mum would, and then he gets confuzed, because what to do next? It doesn't frustrate him though, and even though Nala doesn't look as comfy here, he's gentle enough and such kittens usually don't mind. If they would, they'd walk or even run away after he puts them down, but usually they stay near him and purr and such. Silly cat! :D

And when Dewdew wants to wash, he washes. Period. Some stuff never changes :)

Poppy loves balls! :)

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  1. They do look so tiny next to Dewey! Liittle kittens <3