Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting petted...

The shelter uses special blankets for benches nowadays, not sure on the English name, but they're used for small children (boxkleed in Dutch). While I was paying attention to the kittens, I noticed something strange about the spare blankets...

Not a kitten, but cute nevertheless! :L

I started petting Nala, and I guess her face says it all, haha!

"Kinda nice, but I'll keep looking grumpy!"

Moving a toy on the other hand, was a big hit straight away!

Poppy also wondered what that moving thing was (and yes, they knocked over their food, something they often do in the bench. If I put it in a nicer spot for them, near the sides, it's also a nicer spot for Dewdew :D)

Nala checked it all out from above, while Poppy enjoyed the moving toy! And so their socialization began :)

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