Sunday, July 26, 2015

Watching Youtube vids

A couple of days ago, I filmed Sue being all silly and meowing, and when I sat with the kittens I showed them the vid. You should've seen their fluffy tails, they weren't liking it at all! :o I wasn't sure if it was because they recognised Sue, or because her silly meows could be taken as more angry or something by other cats? So I played a Youtube vid with random cats meowing, the first cat caused all 3 kittens to put their tail up and come to my phone all happy, but the next (which to me meowed just as happy and normal), caused them to run away with their tails all fluffy again, woops! So I figured to try out something else, not a vid of cats, but a vid for cats. That was a big hit, especially Nala loved it! Munchy was too busy attacking Poppy and Nala and chewing on me, but the sisters came on my lap to watch the vid. Here's a few days later, Nala and Poppy on the couch, with the favorite vid so far :) Poppy was snoozing behind Sue at first (even touching her), but after Sue had enough and made sure Poppy would move ( >.< ), she joined Nala.

It's clear who likes such vids the most!

Poppy stretched and by doing so, she hit Nala's paw


Nala put her paws on top of her sister's paws ♥

And while Poppy continued her snoozing, Nala enjoyed the vid some more :)

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  1. Haha I love when animals are on the TV, two of my cats get so interested in it :-D

    One of the females always watches if their are animals, even cartoon animals. She just sits in front of the TV glued to it! :-)