Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Enjoying the blanket

Most kittens (and me and my cats) enjoy the crochet blanket that's on my couch. Especially Poppy likes to sleep there at times :)

But on the couch itself works too!

Munchy on the blanket :)

Still can't sit still, haha!

Nala was snoozing in the toybasket, on top of some stinky toys!

Munchy then continued snoozing

Oh! I can pet her and she just relaxes and enjoys it! ^_^

Oh Munchy... when will you learn :P

Poppy can look oh so slacky, with her ears a bit lower :)

Poppy did a slow blink right when I took the pic, which made me realize she had something in her eye. A quick wipe on the outside fixed that for her :) She looks like a little pirate here, arrr!

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  1. It's looks nice and soft! No wonder they like it :-D