Monday, July 20, 2015

Ohhh, a hanging basket!

When the worst part of their earmiteinfection was over (so the basket wouldn't get dirty from bits of earmite straight away), and the kittens were a bit more relaxed with me messing around in the bench (so the basket wouldn't be in the way), I gave them a hanging basket. And as usual with kittens, they loved it!

Nala was first to climb up the scratchingpole and into the basket, which didn't come as a surprise to me :)

But getting in there again turned out harder than expected, little miss stubborn decided she didn't need the scratchingpole to get in there! The result... :O

And even with the help of the pole, it turned out to be quite tricky when you're too eager... :O

Success! And she got all nuts straight away, with her back up, jumping around in the basket ^_^

Poppy decided it was time to check that thing out as well...

But Nala wasn't done playing and attacked Poppy before she could even enter the basket!

It took some time (and a lot of very blurry pics :D), but they calmed down eventually :)

But not for long! I took a toy and played with them through the bench, which they really enjoyed :)

She's not loving me as much yet, but I have to say, I secretly have a little crush on Poppy :$

She had a day where she sneezed a little and her eyes played up too (as you can see here), and I was worried she picked up Muncy's cat flu. Having to give any kitten or cat medication is never fun, but when you're trying to learn a kitten that you're okay, it doesn't help if they need meds! I cleaned her eyes a little and hoped for the best, and luckily she recovered within a day or so. Phew!

It's usually Poppy that can be found in the weirdest positions, but Nala shows she has her moments as well! Although it doesn't come close to Poppy though, she seems to think she's a hedgehog at times, rolls up like a ball (on her back, with those cute backlegs in the air) and continues snoozing. But more on that some other time!

My hand was becoming less scary and more interesting :)

This is a position Poppy likes a LOT :)

And ending with a silly grumpy Nala face! :D