Monday, July 20, 2015

Luring Nala out the bench

Time for some serious catching up! Loads of pics incoming, spread over a few posts, and I apologize for the quality in advance. I made a lot of them with my phone, and a bunch of them with the frontcamera of my phone, with bad light even. But luckily it doesn't make these sweeties any less cute :)

Starting with the sisters! I gave Nala a matatabi stick through the bench, and she reacted to it straight away...

Then I figured to try out one of the strongest valerian toys I have. It stinks so badly but cats usually love that stuff! Nala did so too :)

I wanted to see how brave she would get with a little stinky help, and held the toy outside of the box she was in. het first reaction was to stay hidden and pull it in...

That didn't work, maybe bite and drag it in?

Mmmm, such an interesting thing! ^_^

I threw it on the ground outside the bench, and there she came!

Poppy found it all very interesting to watch, but as usual, she stayed behind

Seeing her big sis so relaxed did help her as well, and when I sat at my desk and looked to the side, I saw something weird in the box...

Silly Poppy! :D

Always the big pupils, she kept those for quite some time during her stay, and still has them fairly often

Nala was a lot more relaxed after her stinky adventure :)


  1. Gorgeous! :-D

    Lol I tend to have a lot of blurry photos too or the cats bums as they are running away when I try to take the photos! ;-)

  2. Haha, I know all about that! You see the nicest on my blog, but there's loads of blurry ones that don't make it to my blog :D