Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Poppy and Nala

Last time I only showed 1 of the 3 kittens, Munchy, and it's about time I share some about the other 2, they've been here for a week now! :$ These 2 were found together, with fleas and earmite. They're still getting treatment for the earmite, cleaner on a daily base, medical treatment once a week (also for Munchy and my own cats, preventive). They felt safe in the bench quite fast, but me? They seemed clueless on me, with a hiss here and there (the grey one) but that has improved quite a bit so far! They now joined Munchy (they met her Monday for the first time) and those 3 are becoming more and more a team. Right now they're on the loose downstairs for the first time, I just took them down, Nala is doing pretty good, Munchy handles it all perfect (but that I already knew), it's just Poppy that's a bit shy and avoiding me when I approach her here now. I'll go play with them soon, bet that'll help! :D All in all they're doing well though, checking it all out instead of hiding. And with such little creatures checking out every corner, it always becomes quite clear where I slacked a bit with cleaning xD

They're no longer in the bench either, they have the kittenroom upstairs now. They're a bit shy there too, and me having to put nasty stuff in their ears doesn't help, but they're becoming more and more interested, with the help of Munchy! And food helps as well :) Oh, and Poppy is such an adorable cuddly sleepyhead, when she's really tired and I pick her up, she forgets I'm a bit scary and just sleeps and snoozes on me for ages! :L I'm far behind on pics and stories, so that'll come bit by bit. Oh, and names for these 2 took a long time, I finally decided on them this morning, the black white one is Poppy (there were some doubts about her gender, it wasn't as obvious as it can be and kitten that's a bit scared doesn't work along as well. Pretty sure it's a girl though, and else it'll just have a girly name, haha!), the grey is Nala.

This was right after their arrival, I didn't grab a box for them yet to hide in. Poppy has her usual look, big pupils! She's a kitten that freezes in place at times, while her sis is the one that's often first in discovering things. 

Poor scared faces :(

Dewey shows why their food is in that basket, he likes to fish it out! The kittens are wondering what that big thing is :o

They doubted for a bit, but decided to go have a look. Look at those fluffy tails, haha! They were impressed by it all ^_^

But they quickly decided that he was safe <3

And then they started following him in the bench!

Nala shows her cute silly face :D

And they started rubbing the cage when Dew was near :) It stays awesome to see the effect he has on kittens!

Nala really tries to get close to him! (for those of you that follow my polish blog, yes, the bench is next to my polishstash, and next to that is my desk with pc, where I also do my nails :)). The cardboard behind the bench is to protect my walls by the way, it can happen that a kitten gets bad diarrhea, and then that litter box is awfully close to the walls!

Nala and Poppy quickly discovered the scratching pole :)

I'll show more in the next post!


  1. The grey one looks like my Suzi when she was tiny :D So cute!

  2. They are so gorgeous :-D

    Hehe I spied the Helmers ;-)

  3. So adorable! Poppy is just so cute and Nala... gorgeous girls!
    *glares at allergic husband but decides he's still cuter than kittens, but not by much ;)