Sunday, July 12, 2015

3 little kittens...

First things first: Arthur, Mobi and Abby are all doing fantastic, look fantastic as well, and really seemed to have all found their perfect homes, yay! :D It's so nice to get an update later, just to see and/or hear how they're doing, and these 3 just looked so happy and in the perfect homes ♥ Such final updates kinda feel like the last step in the fostering process, it's not something I always get, but it's like the icing on the cake :)

Right, time for some more fostering! Last week the shelter contacted me about 3 kittens, a little girl that was at the vet and a couple that was at one of the crisis fosterhomes. The estimated date of birth of the first one is 29 May, the other 2 are estimated at 31 May, which would make them 6 weeks old today. I picked up the first 1 on Tuesday, and the other 2 on Wednesday. The little girl is doing well, the other 2 are doing fine in their bench but need some more work socializing, but more on those next time!

This black and white cutie was found with a bad backleg, she was just dragging it around behind her, and if that wasn't enough, she had cat flu as well. Her eyes were all closed up from the dirt that came out of them, and she even had some maggots coming out of her behind :( She was skinny as well, and had some little scabs here and there, and her bad leg misses a strip of hair on the inside. She also had worms, that's normal for kittens to get (they get it from mum's milk, so they should always get dewormed according to a schedule) and something you see more with kittens and cats that come to a shelter, but when you're skinny and sick and injured, that's just another thing that adds to it all! She was found and brought to the vet on Friday, where they patched her up and took X-rays of her leg. She doesn't have any broken bones, they think her tendons are damaged, which is something you can't do anything about besides give it time and hope it'll heal. It doesn't seem to hurt at all though! Once she started to get a bit better she went home with the vet's assistant (another foster family of our shelter). There I picked her up, and took her home, ready to give lots of love to this poor creature ♥ She's still on meds to treat the cat flue (twice a day antibiotics and eye ointment) and needs benchrest for her leg until tomorrow. She is such an enthusiastic, sweet little girl, and it's so sad to have to keep her locked up, while all she wants to do is race around and cuddle! Considering how she reacts to me and the few things in the house that she's seen, I think she has been around humans before. Wish they could tell us what happened to them...

Her leg is improving quite a bit already, she doesn't drag it around as much anymore, doesn't stand on her toes (folded below her paw so to say) anymore, and corrects her leg as well to place it in the right position. Like if she's sitting and her leg isn't fully as it should be, she can now pull it in to where it's supposed to be. I'm not sure if it'll heal back to 100%, but this is already a very doable situation! :D I hope I can slowly introduce her to the other 2 tomorrow, they could use her help with socializing, and she could use their help because it's best to grow up with other kittens. Right now she's upstairs, the other 2 are downstairs, to keep them separated because of their medical conditions. More on that next time, here's how she was on her first day here, when she was downstairs.

She quickly showed that she wasn't happy with being locked up at all, she just loves attention, and she meows a lot!

She has quite a pointy nose, actually her whole face is quite pointy and skinny still, but the pics don't show it as well. She looks a bit messy as well, but that's from sneezing and dirty eyes and I'm doing my best to clean her a bit here and there.

Did I already mention she meows a lot? :)

"Let me oooout!"

You can see her leg on some pics, to give you an idea, it's her right leg that you see on her left here. Very convenient for the litter box visits as well xD Luckily she only had 1 big accident like that, and now it's improved so much that I think it'll stay with that 1 time.

She straight away loved all the toys!

Oh, and Dewdew of course... :D

He just wants to sniff but she's so playful, she keeps poking him and such!

And after all of that? Time for some rest <3

I have no idea for the names of the other 2 yet, but I think I call her Munchy, 'cause boy, does she love to eat! Her normal dry food is ok, but canned food.... Oh my, I've never seen a kitten react that strongly, and shove it all in that fast! And she also likes to chew on other stuff, like me, haha! She nibbles at my fingers, my hair, my clothes, she even took some bites from my shoulder and chest, lol! That clearly needs some work... :D This morning I gave her such a big amount of canned food, and mixed in dry food, there was no way she could eat it all (I want her to learn that it's okay to eat calmly, or just leave some food, nobody will steal it or take it away). When I came upstairs later, she had dragged her blanket out of her box and placed it over the food, she probably wanted to bury it. I removed her blanket and oh! *sniff sniff* Is... is that... is that FOOD? OMG IT'S FOOD! And then she went for it again :O

Besides the happy eating moments, she's very frustrated at the moment with her benchrest, but it's for the best, I just wish I could make it easier for her. If I go upstairs, she just gets even more frustrated because she hears me and wants cuddles and playtime! I can of course give the cuddles, but if I let her loose, she runs around so fast that her leg doesn't have the time to catch up, and she just drags it along. Cuddles with her are SO cute though, she climbs in my neck and just rubs herself against my face, sometimes she even grabs my face with her paws (yay for my new glasses, that little lady has some serious claws!). She's very soft and gentle, but being a kitten and all, it can happen that one of her nails gets involved. I can't wait till tomorrow, slowly give her more time outside her bench and hopefully meet the other 2 as well :)


  1. Yay for more kittens!! <3 I love reading your fostering blogs :D. She is so adorable, I do hope her leg improves well. So glad to hear the previous kittens are happy too - did y9ou get any up to date photos of them? xx

  2. Hi Maria :) I'm trying to catch up, but in between all the cleaning, the tlc giving, and my normal life, my updates are a bit behind, haha. Her leg isn't doing so well, it improved but when she gets to be a real kitten, it just can't keep up! I'm not sure how this will continue, if it'll improve, or if not, if it might need to be amputated at some point? I did indeed get pictures of those 3, but I don't feel comfortable to put someone else's pics online without asking them first. And it's not that I have a lot of contact with all the owners :) If I do get more pics at some point, I'll make sure to ask if they're ok with posting them here <3

  3. She sure is! Now if only she would stop having the munchies and chew on everything, including me, haha! Her leg was improving, but the end of benchrest also ment the end of the improvements, it just can't keep up! Hopefully it'll continue to improve in the coming weeks, even though she's no longer in the bench :)

  4. At least you know from Mobi how well a 3 legged kitten can cope, if the worst happens and it does have to be amputated. Fingers crossed it will still improve though. I understand re not posting other people's photos but I look forward to seeing them if you get permission :) xx