Monday, July 20, 2015

Munchy cuddles!

These pics are from one of the first days here (and are the worst quality of them all I'm afraid), upstairs where she had benchrest. I only let her out for a couple moments every day, and then only to cuddle with me, and to eat, not to run around. It's so sad to leave a kitten locked up like that :( Her leg isn't doing so well unfortunately, the benchrest did help, but within minutes after being out of her bench for the first time, it didn't show anymore. All that's left is that she puts her leg in the right position when she eats, and it doesn't dangle as badly behind her as it did, but she's dragging it and it pulls her out of balance. I'm worried it'll get damaged from the dragging, and it seems to be more in the way than actually helping her, so we'll meet the vet soon again, see what she thinks.

Here's how it was right at the start, she just left it behind her.

Her claws on the other hand, are more than fine! Looks like she has a set of talons even!

Luckily she's more gentle when grabbing me - most of the time at least...

On the few moments where I had her out, she always climbed in my neck and sat on my shoulders. Never long though, Munchy can't sit still!

I was afraid she'd go for my earring here, haha! Wouldn't be the first time a kitten wonders what those shiny things are! So I wanted to gently move her back a bit with my hand...

And then she showed once again, why I called her Mumchy. She chews and nibbles and eats everything!

Unfortunately this is a habit that she's very stubborn with, what can I say, she just loves to nibble! Add those little sharp claws and I don't think she'll be the most ideal kitten for someone with young children if she keeps this up!

But here's the other side, she loves to cuddle faces as well :L


  1. Ahhh sharp claws! I remember when mine were kittens I was covered in scratches. Kittens aren't great with their claws at that ages. I sometimes get scratches when my boy gets too excited with playing but not often! :-)

    It's a shame about her leg. Do you think they might have to remove it? I've seen a few cats and dogs with 3 legs living a normal life. She been through a lot, she's a tough little girl :-)

  2. I know, right? :) They often have such little vicious claws, lol! But some have even longer nails than others, and Munchy is one of those. She's also compensating for her backlegs with her frontpaws, with climbing and such, earlier she decided to climb my leg, ouch! And yeah, my big ones also scratch me every once in a while, but that's more like if they get spooked when I hold them, so on accident :)

    Unfortunately her left leg (the good one) isn't good either, I noticed it failing at times as well, but I wasn't sure what was causing it. Was it damaged, or simply pulled out of balance by her right leg? The vet checked, did tests, took another X-ray, and said it's neurological. She could clearly see an issue on both sides, and so did I when she did those tests. The left leg needs to improve in the next week or 2 (and of course it would be awesome if the right improves as well!), after that we'll look further.

  3. Hopefully she'll be okay and they can get it sorted. At least they know what's happening now.

    I can imagine, she'll have very strong front legs. I remember when one of them climbed up my legs - ouch indeed!