Sunday, July 26, 2015

Random playing, snoozing and just being cute!

Poppy with a catnip toy

Munchy and Poppy, about to play with each other

Poppy and Nala

Nala started suckling on Poppy's belly, and Poppy thought 'I can do that too!' and went for Nala's ear. They sat and suckled like this for a short while, silly muppets :)

It's clear who's the bigger sister!

Last few days I notice more that Poppy is lying curled up, like a real miniature cat, but I have plenty pics where she was like this, or in weird positions (as you've seen before) :)

Munchy in the scratchingpole. She still struggles with sitting still for pics, haha! So less of her in the last bunch of posts :)

That's a lot of whiskers and eyebrows you got there, munch!


Nala being adorable, hiding her face

Those backlegs! Awhh!

The sisters together

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