Monday, July 20, 2015

Sitting on my lap

The sisters were a bit impressed by my lap, so I took a soft blanket and that helped quite a bit. Poppy is the kind of kitten that freezes in place (not tensed, but almost like she's playing dead), but with the help of her big sister, she started to relax more. Nala has a will of her own, if I put her on my lap she jumped back into the bench, and then turned around to come on my lap herself :O

Frozen in place Poppy :(

But there's Nala, and she's also a bit scared but more brave too!

Both more relaxed :) I think this was one of the first times I heard Nala's purr, she will at times purr with me, Poppy still hasn't given me a proper purr, only 1 so soft that I'm doubting if it was a purr even. I know she has a loud one too though, Dew has less issues with making her purr!

Poppy does like cuddles though, but only when she's sleepy, then she can snooze in the weirdest positions on me <3 If she's awake, she still avoids me :( I can't blame her though, I still put cleaner in her ears on a daily base, and last 2 days I had to deworm them as well (giving the pills directly into their mouth). It saddens me to see the sisters still a bit scared of me, I think they also affect each other with that, but oh when they do give in to cuddles... :L

Nala all of a sudden wondered about the camera part of my phone...

Slap! :O

That face, lol!

She then wondered about my hand, what is that thing?

Can I eat this?

I'm not pulling my hand back, because that might trigger her playful side, and I don't want her to link hands to playing (having Munchy doing so is more than enough! >.<)

And here it shows why these cuties were still in a bench, they might look adorable and social, but this was within minutes from the previous pic. I wanted to pet her in the bench, she didn't want any of it, so I showed it was my hand which wasn't scary, remember little one? Little one disagreed xD

She doesn't slap anymore though, nor does she chew on my hand, she realized quickly I'm not edible and I'm not thát scary that I need to be slapped either!

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  1. They really are lovely. And it's good to see how well they are doing after their start to life... :-)