Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Big scratchingpole!

As always, there comes a point when the kittens discover the biggest scratchingpole. Munchy hasn't been all the way to the top yet, but Nala and Poppy don't have any issues with that :) Rare pic, (parts of) all 5 at once! My toybasket is usually fairly decent looking, but when there's kittens around... They have no problem fishing out whatever they want, haha! My whole house is now covered with mice, balls, and things alike :D

Yep, that's high Nala! :)

Poppy and Nala liked this toy straight away

But poor Munchy, she was scared of it! :( I took it easy and now she's fine with it, but that was quite surprising from this little brave girl. And it shows well here that she still looks a bit less healthy than the other 2. It's getting better and better though, especially her fur has improved a lot already, and her back is a lot more shiny :)

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  1. That is an amazing cat tree you have! :-D Hehe sometimes they aren't sure of toys! :-)