Monday, July 20, 2015

Meeting Munchy part 2

Once I took the food away, the 3 little ladies went nuts, racing, playing, jumping and climbing... :D

They also discovered the playrails, another hit!

Nala had the brilliant idea of crawling behind the bench, under the heater, and it didn't take long before Munchy and Poppy joined in too

But that gave a slight problem... Munchy, with all her eating, has gained a little weight in her belly! And turning around or crawling backwards, didn't go as planned. It had to fit, because she got there in the first place as well, but it looked like she got stuck :O

I don't help a kitten in such a situation, I'll guide them if I can, and only really interfere when things aren't going well. They need to learn, and the best way to do so, is figure things out or follow the example. Munchy on the other hand, decided she'd just climb up... Clever little thing!

When she was near the top, she thought it wasn't the right way to go afterall, and went down again. She was so close, haha!

3 in a small scratchingpole, why not :D

Oops! Munchy and Nala had a little stand off! It didn't last long though, and after it was back to playing like nothing ever happened :) Munchy was quite feisty in the first couple of days, with growls and such, it took her a little while to figure out how playing with other kittens worked again :)


  1. They are adorable! It's so much fun reading the stories and seeing the pictures. I can't imagine how you get anything done around the house, I would be watching the kittens the entire time :)

  2. Clever little girl climbing :-D Such fun seeing the photos :-D