Monday, July 20, 2015

Meeting Munchy part 1

I took Nala and Poppy upstairs, together with a huge plate of food. I had hopes that eating a little together would help and calm everyone down, and in case I needed a little help from Dew, I added some extra. Seeing their big friend eat calmly should help I figured. But Dew's help wasn't needed, and as it turned out, he wasn't in the mood for this canned food either (my cats usually get a different type of canned food). Not that he would've gotten a chance with Munchy... :D

Poppy joined Munchy for the food straight away after I opened the cage that I used to take them upstairs. Munchy is fine with food around me and my cats, but as it turned out, she sure didn't like to share with these 2! She quickly went poofy-furred again, and oh my, she can growl too!

Poppy was most impressed by Munchy's growls and backed off

Nala didn't last much longer either!

And then... action! Poppy and Nala had been in their bench for most of the time as well, and they felt comfortable in this little room straight away. I had a blast watching these 3 :O I filmed some as well, I might add that later on sometime, but I think these pics give a bit of an idea as well :)

Finally, Munchy stopped eating! Nala traded spots with her, and Munchy started playing with Poppy.

But then Munchy noticed someone at her food... Hey! Lady! Back off! *slap* >.<

Look at her protecting that food! xD

After that it was time to check out the playtunnel, which they all love!

They're checking each other out in a playful way...

But then it's time to eat some more! Oh oh, that kitten... :D

Yes, there are 3 kittens on this photo! ^_^


  1. Looks like lots of fun :-D

    I'm trying to get one of my cats to be nice to our puppy - but he's not having any of it :-| My two female cats are okay with the puppy but not the male cat. It'll take time I think and hope :-)

  2. Munchy really deserves her name :D :D

  3. Does your cat have options to sit higher? If not, that could help! Cats like to oversee things from height, options to go higher also increase the space, both could help make your cat feel more relaxed :) (in case you didn't know this :)) Oh, and yay for a puppy! What kind of dog do you have? And I'm glad to hear the females are ok with it :)

  4. The puppy is a Wirehaired Vizsla and the male cat is a Bengal!!! He really winds the dog up and likes to show who is boss and the puppy just want's to play with him :-| But the cat doesn't understand. We have a huge playpen for the dog and when the cat comes in he goes over to the bars and annoys the dog :-( The two girls are fine, they come and walk around looking at the dog and going over and having a sniff. But they are not aggressive towards him.

    Yeah we have their high tree, a few book shelves and a unit for them to go up high onto and they do like it :-) I'm happy to do it on their terms and however long it takes......the puppy is so big now and I don't want either to get hurt. So baby steps with the Bengal and the puppy!

  5. Wait, I think you mentionned having a Bengal before, I'm sorry if I forgot that! :( I knew vizslas, but not the wirehaired ones, the puppy must look cute with those fluffy hairs in its face. And from being a puppy of course! :) Sounds like your cats have an amazing home, and I hope the male and puppy will learn to understand each other soon. I guess the mixed signs don't help, like tail up and wagging tail with their different meanings? I don't have experience with bringing 2 together, I wish I could give the perfect tip, but I can't. So instead I'll just wish for you that all will turn out fine! <3