Monday, July 20, 2015


Finally! The week was over, enough with the benchrest, out you go little one! I took Munchy down and gave her some food, which she -how surprising- straight away went nuts with. Omnomnom! Who cares about being free when there's food! :O Poppy and Nala found her very interesting, but all Munchy cared about was food, and later on, their toy that was near the bench. It wasn't until the end that she started to show interest in those 2! Unfortunately her leg didn't handle it well, and I didn't let her out for long, but she loved every second of it! I think it was a little impressive as well, as her poofy outfit shows, but nevertheless, it was great for both of us :)

The 2 sisters got some nice food after all this as well, but they seemed to be way more interested in Munchy!

Munchy then went for the stinky pillow, but that didn't take long...

She still had plenty saved up energy to burn! :O

But oh, that poor leg wasn't taking it well :/

She then went for a toy near the bench, while Poppy and Nala kept a close eye on her!

It took a while, but finally, she showed a little interest in the other 2! Here you can also see that her leg isn't good, it's folded inwards so to say.

Still with a fluffy tail! I think it's the combination of freedom and unleashing all that stored energy after all those days being caged up, combined with the excitement of it all, while being a little impressed by things as well :)

Ready... set... go!

How I calmed MunchMunch down after all that? Well, you guessed it... food :D


  1. It's good to see them like this. I really hope her leg will be okay :-) She's done great this far.

  2. She's the fluffiest thing! Her leg will get better, she needs to get some muscles.

  3. I'm afraid it won't be that easy :( At first I thought she just had strained her leg (I think we spoke about it on IG as well?), but after getting more info shortly after that, the vet thinks she damaged her tendons. Her other leg doesn't seem 100% either, but that main leg is an issue as it is now. It hasn't improved any further and it's taking her out of balance, and if she grows and gains weight, the chance is she'll get wounds on the outside that's dragging over the floor. The litter box gives issues at times as well. Ah well, she's not in pain and is doing fine, let's see what the vet says tomorrow :)

    More importantly right now, I saw your comment on my other blog as well. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss dear :( It must've been bittersweet to see a kitten similar to your Linux on the day you had to say goodbye. I wish you all the best to deal with your loss <3

  4. I hope so too, but I'm not sure what'll happen next, amputating is an option. The vet thinks she damaged her tendons, and it hasn't improved any further. Her current state might give issues later on, when she gets bigger. But I hope to find out more tomorrow :) And indeed, it was good to see them like that for the first time! :)

  5. If things are not improving and she is in danger of getting wounds that will most likely not close and may get infected (because bandages will not stay on and she won't rest her leg like a human would when wounded), amputation might be necessary. But that's not the end of the world either. I once had a two-legged cat and she was fine (and fast!)

    Thanks. She had a good life, but in the end all we could do was let her go. She got the injection at home while i held her and it was over very quickly, she didn't feel a thing. But I still can't really believe it. I love her so much.

  6. Oh, but I do have experience with injured kittens, and also one with an amputated leg, so luckily I know how it works and that it's not the end of the world! :) And she has another advantage with it being her backleg imo. As long as she can live a happy life without regular injuries or troubles, and as it looks now, I think amputating might be the way to go for that. We'll see in about an hour what the vet thinks and take it from there :)

    When I lost my dear Bindi, it also felt so unreal, and that lasted for quite some time. It's almost 2 years ago already, it has gotten so much better but I can still vividly recall how I felt :( It was the last thing you could do for your sweet girl, and I'm glad to hear she passed peacefully and at her safe home <3 Take care and be gentle with yourself now, it's so impressive isn't it.