Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dewdew washing and snoozing

When Nala suckled on her own paw while she was on my lap, I gave her to dew at some point. It wasn't that she had to stop, she's not doing anything that's bad for her, but I just found it such a sad thing and hoped he could offer her a bit what she needed. But nope, she enjoyed his washing while continuing :D

He also helps them with cleaning the remains of earcleaner, very sweet but eww as well, haha!

Dew's favorite is Poppy, he likes Nala too but she can get on his nerves at times (not to mention always active Munchy). Poppy on the other hand, is such a calm kitten! It's very uncommon for Dew to snooze with a kitten, but he had his moments with her. If we had decided to have them adopted separate, I think Nala would've been gone in the blink of an eye thanks to her looks, while Poppy would've had a much harder time to find an owner (black and black/white cats aren't as popular). And to be honest, that would've made things harder for me as well :$ I think she's adorable too, and I have a weak spot for kittens like her, Sue is relaxed around her because she's so respectful and Dew clearly likes her... Yep, it's good that they're moving together! :)

Here he's washing Poppy, I think his paw was a bit in the way here!

He means so well but he can be clumsy with holding them, haha!

But Poppy shows well here that she doesn't mind, those 2 are so cute together! It happens fairly often that I let the kittens out of their room, Nala and Munchy start to race around downstairs and Poppy is nowhere to be seen. Then I go upstairs, and yep, there she is, still right outside of the kittenroom. Together with Dewdew, who's washing her :) At times they're both sitting all pretty, like little statues, enjoying the washing ♥

Poppy is one of the few that he allows near him for much longer than most kittens

That black spot on the left/behind him? Poppy :)

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  1. That's good he's looking out for them. Such cute photos :-D <3