Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Abby has moved

Well then, this was the shortest fostering I've done so far, but that didn't make her any less impressive! Abby just moved to her new home, where she'll hopefully become great friends with their other cat :) It's always a bit of a surprise how kittens react to strangers, but I think she did great. Abby was a bit scared at first when her new owner came in, but ended up showing that she loves to play and enjoys some cuddles too! Before she got picked up I sat with her for quite some time, and enjoyed her cuddles one last time. And she gave it all she had, such a sweety!
But these goodbyes stay difficult, putting them in a strange cage (especially the scared ones), and hoping they'll end up having a wonderful life... And from one way I'm very happy and excited for her (and for her new owners!), but it's always sad to see fosters go as well and I'll miss her for sure. It's draining, and I don't think that'll ever change. So blankets, tea and lots of cuddles with my own cats it is! And I'm wishing this lovely little lady all the best <3

Having said all that, here are some last pictures :) Abby ignored the playtunnel while it was upstairs, so I took it down, and all of a sudden it got her interest. But that thing was quite impressive at first!

She's small enough that she could almost walk up straight through it, which especially became clear after Dewey went through, he's a lot bigger and kinda has to crouch :O

Sneaking up on Sue from behind the tunnel...

... then through it

And then she noticed me and came for cuddles instead! :D

Even when snoozing on the couch she could give me a hard time with capturing her, she would look all cute and the moment I click, she pulls a face, haha!

This one turned out better, such a cutie :) I have more pics of her, but I think this is the one that might end up on my wall. I always keep some photos for myself, post the better ones here, and pick one that I frame and hang with the other fosters. A wall with good memories, and that's what I'll have of Abby as well :)


  1. That's great to hear - I'm so happy for her :-D <3

  2. Well done on another successful foster! I am so glad little Mobi is doing well too and Colin of course. I love reading your fostering accounts. I hope I can do that one day too but I work too long hours at the moment. I have rescued 2 cats though <3

    1. Thanks Maria :) And yay for rescued cats <3 Give them a cuddle from me! I hope as well that someday you'll be able to work less hours and foster, not just for the kitties in need, but also because it's such a wonderful experience for yourself!

  3. Moseby getting a cuddle right now :) his favourite place is lying across my chest! Purring and dribbling bless him <3 strange that both my rescue cats love cuddles much more than my original siblings i bought from a neighbour as kittens!