Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hula hoop and my niece

And the last post for today, now I'm all up-to-date again, it's probably also one of the last posts of the 4 little knights already (I'm not taking as much photos anymore, I mean, it's not that I only have a few... :$). Time sure flew by!! :)

Yep, they sure love the big scratchingpole! :O

And the blankets on the couch

Perce and Arthur

Got a new hula hoop, which was quite entertaining for the kittens, Arthur even started to play with it! >.< Fun for him, not so fun for the hula hoop, haha!

My adorable niece has seen the kittens a few times before, but didn't care that much about them. But last time she was here, she found them a lot more interesting! And she loves giving Dewdew candy, but he's in the garden more often now that these 4 took over the house (my cats are clearly more ready for the kittens to leave again). So she gave the kittens some candy as well ^_^

Look how gentle he takes the candy! Aww! Pretty sure that's Tris, with Arthur looking at it. Perce is on the left, that I'm sure of :P

I was sitting on the floor with them, my sis took these pics, and I'm very happy with them! Such a cute set of photos :)

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