Saturday, June 21, 2014

Going back in time!

Well, just a little bit :) Sorted all the latest phonepics, but there were a bunch of older ones as well. I forgot about those, not so handy, but oh well! Starting with those today!

At first I thought I had a great idea, bottle-feeding 2 at once! It worked great... until Arthur realized there were bottles and climbed over Lancelot and Tristram to try and get it too, haha! They have no patience at all :)

Perceval often went back in the bench after he ate, he loved that basket! And often meowing a bit at me while sitting in it :) When I took down the bench I wanted to put it in their room, but I had to wash it. And yeah, cats... none of them wants to use it anymore now :O

Perce discovered my hair... slap! :D

And a bottle that's empty? Nope, Perce doesn't give up that easily, just chew on it, there might be a drop left! :O

I often ended up just hiding the bottle, none of them wanted to give up that easily, and this time Perce fell asleep on my lap after :)

Dew wanted to wash Lancy, but he had other plans, playtime! :)

Unfortunately no decent pic of this, but Perceval met Sue, oops! >.< He did know what to do with his back and all, but after that? Nooo idea! Haha! They're all a lot more used to eachother now, and Perce even managed to sleep against her! o_O That's a first! That went somewhat ok, Sue was too lazy to do more than give a warning, and they both relaxed more. But Sue stayed a bit on guard of course, and when the others started to be all active around her, she had enough. Poor Perce didn't see that coming at all... Lets just say he won't try that again! :)

Kittenpile on the floor :)

Sun! Yaaaay! Rain against the window made quite an impression at first, but they had no problem with the sun at all and love to snooze in it, real cats! ^_^

Naaaww, they were sleeping together like this :L

Perce snoozing on my shoulder after messing up my hair :P

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