Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crochet blanket

I have a crochet blanket on top of my couch, my cats love it, but so do the kittens!

First we have Lancelot sleeping alone

And here's the first kittenpile on the blanket! Perceval left, Lancelot and Arthur looking up

Tristram joined them too

And this was another time, Lancelot and Perceval are using Arthur as a pillow :D

Arthur the pillow :P

And Tris? He was still too busy playing with a little pillow filled with valerian (just like catnip, valerian and silver vine (also can give quite the reaction with cats, so far I've noticed that those 2 often give a stronger reaction than catnip, which some cats don't react to at all)

But then Tris joined the others, here we have Tris at the front, then Perceval, and Lancelot is squishing Arthur, haha!

Arthur and Perceval

Tris was still awake

And with sleeping brothers in the background :) His eyes are still quite blue compared to the others!

I wonder if this was really comfy for Arthur :D

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