Sunday, June 22, 2014

Washing, sleeping, playing... what's new? :)

Starting this post with 2 cute brothers side by side ♥ Arthur left, Tris right

And back against back :)

Perceval dreamy as always :L He also made me laugh big time the other day, he was interested in my plate with food and they're all a bit stubborn, so my "no" didn't make much of an impression. I held my plate a bit higher and said "no" again, and thought it worked, he backed off a little. But Perce had another idea and just jumped on my plate, haha! He looked like a little flea the way he jumped straight up! :O He did the same thing later again, too bad I had a bowl of yoghurt then, that was a bit less handy >.< He can jump very well, I have to give him credit for that :D But he doesn't fully know himself yet what he's capable of, like when he tried to jump on the table from the couch, he doubted for a bit which really wasn't needed at all. It looked like he thought he'd barely make it, but he ended up near the other side of the table!

Dew, Lance, washing... nothing new there! :)

Remember the purple baskets Yse and Naeva loved? Well, guess what :P They throw them around and love them just as much! But I somehow have almost no pics of that, so you'll just have to believe me on that :)

Some more washing, so proud of Dew ♥ At times they drive him nuts, but he's doing so well as always! And Sue, although seldomly shown here, does surprisingly well with these little knights too, makes me so happy! :D

Oh this has to be one of my favorite Tristram pics :O So typical him

And while Dew and Lancy are doing the usual, Tristram wanted to mix in but then spotted me. Nevermind them, hi human! :D

Oh, and I forgot to mention it before, but I moved stuff around in my livingroom, while the kittens were downstairs as well. I was afraid they'd get scared, but it started with the couch, and Perce and Sue were on it. Perce was on top and looked a bit surprised and not sure how to react, but Sue loves such things and her "oh joy! :O" face made that Perce relaxed as well while I moved it all! They all had a few moments where they were a bit scared, moving some things was kinda noisy so that wasn't a complete surprise, but none of them ran off to another room. I was so proud of them! And they really enjoyed it as well when I was done, a whole new room to discover, haha! :D

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