Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snoozy cuties

Yep, I did it. Sorted a huuuuge amount of pics. Yeah, I click waaaay to much, haha! :D But I love looking back at these pics, it's really amazing how much they've grown in the 2.5 weeks that I've had them! These little creatures on the pics are nothing alike the 4 little muppets racing around now, meowing that sounds more like meow instead of iew-iew, learning to climb, playing with each other, making a big mess from their food, and that just love to cuddle!

But as the pics show, they already started to enjoy cuddles long before now :) Tristram was the first to understand that I'm not just there to feed them and take care of them, but that snoozing on me and getting cuddles is nice too!

Seriously, it's sooo special when such a tiny creature wants to be with you like this :L

Tristram often got his bottle last, because he just wants to be all cuddly afterwards!

Lancelot also started to discover that it's nice to lay down in my neck or under my chin ^_^

And yes, in case you noticed, I'm living in those uncharming but kittenproof homesuits right now! :O Dirty paws/faces/entire kittens after eating, milksplatters when drinking, hey-a-leg-I-shall-climb-it, ... yeah, not a good idea for your nice clothes, lol!

Arthur was the first to discover my face, I have more pics of that but I'm not exactly looking charming on those, haha! It's hard to look normal when there's something chewing on your nose! :D I did have a blast with him there, on the pic below I got a little kittenkiss on my cheek, so friggin cute! :)

Perceval is doing so much better now! His legs are pretty much normal now, yay! :e So happy how that turned out for him, and he changed a lot in character too! He's a lot more outgoing, still a bit special though, he has some typical Percy things. Like when there's a pile of kittens sleeping somewhere and there's 1 kitten alone in a basket, I don't even have to look to know it's Perce! He prefers specific sleeping spots at times, and if there's another kitten there, well that's just an added bonus :)

And he loves to snooze with me, sooo adorable! First period here he was the one that was the least interested in being with me, now that turned around completely! He's often meowing somewhere in the house and then I have to go find him and he'll get all excited when he sees me, or he replies to me and comes to me out of himself, so cute! And like the other day, they could go into several rooms upstairs, but nope. Perce came to me, wanted to snooze and prrrr in my neck before falling asleep there, aww! :L But yeah, he's really doing well, now he just needs to gain some weight, that's all! He's the lightest one (started as the biggest kitten), but he's just not as crazy interested in food as the others are - especially Lancelot and Arthur!

Lancelot decided I needed a new hairstyle, haha! Silly cuties <3

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