Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scratchingpole fun and adorable snoozing

Star of this post is Tristram, and he found a home now too! As it looks now he'll be moving in a few days, then a few days later Percy and Lancy will move as well, and Arthur will get visitors today. So I really hope that's a match too! They all got their shots and chips and checkups at the vet done, and they did so well there :) Perce was the only one who wasn't about 1 kilo yet, but he was like 10 grams under at 8 weeks old. He's still the skinniest, but his weight is clearly fine, so I was happy to see that! Let's have a look at some more pics now:

The kittens really discovered every single scratchingpole now, and even though this one gave some issues at first (getting up is one thing, but getting down...), they clearly love it now! Here we have Perceval, Lancelot and Tristram :)

Tris on top of the pole, he looks a bit smaller here than he was though, and by now he's again a lot bigger!

And he loves to snooze on me ^_^

Or even in my shirt, those paws covering his eyes, sooo cute! :L

Seriosuly, it doesn't get any cuter than this :D

But I often have to support his head as well because he'll just lean backwards while snoozing :)

Here's little T snoozing with Dewey, using Dewdew's back paws as pillow :D

And another favo position, although he does this less often now, I suspect he might grow over that. Silly kitten :)

And Tris was the first to get on the highest platform of the scratchingpole!

Here's Tris snoozing while his brother Arthur had other plans... :O Tris looks a lot bigger here, but that's just the angle :)

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