Saturday, June 21, 2014

More scratchingpole fun!

Some more older pics, trying to catch up! :)

Arthur and Tristram ♥

Aaaand of course Lancelot joined in too!

Arthur posing :)

Then he discovered the hanging basket, and yep, he loves it too! But so would I if I had one :O

Tristram's kittenfuz :L

And Artsy's :L

Arthur left, Tris right

Tristram looking cute as always!

Arthur (once again some pics with a bit of food stuck to his face, he and Lancy are clearly the biggest eaters, haha! :D)

The left platform on top with the mouse hanging on it is the one I've spotted some brave little knights on already! Arthur saw Dewey jump up, where did he go?! :D

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  1. I really enjoy all your posts - I sit here with a big smile on my face looking at all the pics. I love hearing about all their different personalities. It must be so hard letting them go, even if it is rewarding knowing you have given them the chance of a good life. I think I will be sad when they go too!! xx