Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lancelot and Perceval (and a little bit of Dewey :))

Continuing with the older photos from my phone, stars of this post are Lancelot and Perceval! They're all so cute, and I have so much photos, I couldn't choose! :D Starting with Lancelot on the couch

And here he spotted Dew on the table, so what do you do then? You start purring and join him :) Dew as always started to wash straight away

Perceval was the first to go higher in the scratchingpoles, and also the first to discover this hanging basket, he loves that thing! I think these pics were from the first time he was in there :)

But he's a little couch potato too! :O (I think my purple wall has been shown in like 10 different shades of purple by now, none of them accurate, haha!) Isn't he adorable?! :L

Added my hand here to show his size a bit better. In a while it's hard to imagine they were this small! Or in fact, they were a lot smaller even, they already feel huuuge for me now :D

Lancelot spotted Dewdew again, so yep, more washing! :O

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