Monday, June 9, 2014

Catching up with the blog!

So here's the next bunch of pics :)

Lancelot and Tristram discovering the space outside the bench

Dewey wasn't loving Lancelot from the start, but that has turned around a lot! What helps as well is that the 4 little knights spend a lot of time together instead of stalking him all the time :)

Lancelot sleeping on me :L

That's a pile of tabby ^_^ That tiny part of kitten at the bottom right is Lancelot.

I think Lance looks a bit like a bunny here somehow, haha! Probably the angle :)

Kittenpile behind the couch, look at those cute little upside down paws! :L Lancelot is clearly top right, the kitten below him is Arthur, then we have Tristram looking up a little, and Perceval upside down.

Wrapped in a towel after being washed

Kitten belly! That stays soooo cute :D

Another sleeping pile :)

Arthur (left) and Perceval on my lap

Arthur washing and chewing a little on his paw :)

And here's the little king sleeping in my hands <3

They still love their bottle! But I'm lowering the amount of milk and also offering part of it on a plate now, so they'll eat more. They're 6 weeks today, what a journey it has been so far! :)

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