Monday, June 23, 2014

Sun & scratchingpole!

Right, pretty much up-to-date with the blog now, the following pics are from the last bunch of days :)

Tristram being way beyond adorable! Look at him! Soooo cute :L

Lance and Arthur discovered the sun in the window


Perceval on one of his favorite spots

The middle one is Tristram, and my guess would be Perce left and Arthur right... :D

2 little climbers on their way to the basket

Lancelot was sleeping alone, not such a common sight!

Perceval fixing his fur :)

Tristram enjoying the scratchingpole! :O

This is his usual face, and I'm glad that I heard today that a couple is interested in him (this is a scheduled post, it's Saturday now) because the longer he's here, the harder it'll get to say goodbye to him! ♥

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