Thursday, June 19, 2014

2 adopted, 2 to go! :)

Both Lancelot and Perceval found a new home already, yay! :) They'll be getting their shots and chips next week and if all will keep going well, they'll move to their homes the week after! They're all doing great, their personalities start to come through more now as well, and the real babyblue in their eyes is gone. I think they might all end up with green-ish eyes. They're also following me around more, soooo cute when I go upstairs and they're all upstairs as well not long after, and they love snoozing on or near me. I can really notice a difference between these 4 and some of the kittens that I got around this age, these are so much more attached to me! :L In fact, while I was typing this post I heard a little meow, Perce then came on my lap and Arthur thought 'that looks good!', so he did a little meow as well and joined me too :)

Last monday they were 7 weeks old and I checked their weight (since they're doing so well and eat well, I don't weight as often anymore as I did at the start), they should've been around 800gram. That's 100grams a week + 100gr birthweight. I already knew Perce was the lightest, he was around 780-800gr (my kitchen weightscale has a hard time with moving kittens :D) so I hope he gains a bit more. He isn't too light, but I prefer the kittens to have some reserves on their tiny bodies :) I have to add to that though, that during the weekend they all had diarrhea, so that might've affected his weight a bit too :/ We were ready to give them some help in the form of medication, but luckily they all got through it without help, and they were doing great besides that as well! Perce is also the kitten that's the first with going higher on the scratching poles, and he really seems to enjoy that, so maybe all that climbing just burned some extra energy :D
Tristram and Arthur were on their way to 850 and 900gr, not quite there yet but that shouldn't take too long (or maybe they are now, it's been a few days!). But Lancelot... oh oh that cute little piggy! :O He hit 1040grams already, at 7 weeks! Woah! I knew he was the biggest, but that's the weight that matches a kitten that's a few weeks older, haha! I do have a photo somewhere of him sleeping with his head in the foodbowl, guess that explains some as well :P

Anyway, prepare for a loooot of pics today! :) I have a lot more to share, but as usual, I'm behind on sorting pics ^_^ The pics that I'm posting today are made with my camera and from the 6th and 7th of this month. Hopefully I can catch up a bit (hence the amount of pics today, split into 2 posts), so all is posted when they move to their new homes :)

Perceval on the left, Lancelot and Arthur on their way to me :)

Perce :L

One of the rare pics of Lance sitting still for a photo! And yes, that's some food stuck to the left side of his face, his nose is white there, haha! Oh Lancy... ^_^

Perce snoozing, also with stuff stuck to his little face, tiny pieces of scratchingpole... Gotta love kittens! :D

Arthur top left, Tris in the middle and Lance being all cute together in the hanging basket

Lance being playful near the bench. The bench isn't inside anymore, I took it down because they're doing so great and were becoming way too big for that thing. During day they have the whole house (but are almost always in the livingroom with the occasional trips outside of it), during night they're in their own room.

Perceval snoozing again :)

And Perce in the kitchen, meowing to me :)

Tristram on top of a basket. There's just one pic of that, the next pic I took ended up with a grey-ish blur falling down in the basket :O

Tristram and Arthur (pink ribbon) with a toy mouse

Little T

Artsy with the mouse, it looks so big next to them! :)


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