Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sleep, eat, play!

Starting this post with a little kittenfight on my lap, this was Lancelot obviously, and I think it was Perceval, and on the right (not really visible) Arthur :)

Dewey discovered the kittenfood, and that made the kittens very curious! So they chased him away, haha! Dew isn't really allowed to eat that food, he's on perfect weight right now (although he looks quite poofy here :O), but it's so yummy!

Arthur (with the pink ribbon, which he no longer wears now, I can keep them apart from their face now :)), Lancelot and Perceval

And here they went to sleep on the carpet, I have more pictures of this but those were made with my camera, not the phone. And I'll be showing all those next time :) Perceval is in the top, in a litterbox, Tristram left, then Arthur and Lance

Arthur doing what he does best, lol! I'm sure you can imagine how his belly, paws and my floor look after he eats :O

Together in the hanging basket in the bench, Perce, Lance and a bit of Arthur

Kittenpile in the basket! Tristram is the bottom right one

Arthur on my lap, not long after he ate. How I know that? Well, that darker triangle on his nose isn't always there :D

Perceval and Lancelot on my lap, awww :L

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