Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oooh! A giant thing to climb!

Here's what happened the first times they discovered the scratchingpole :) They had already been on the lowest platform before, and the way they tumbled down... >.< So I was glad to see they got big enough to climb ánd jump down properly! They're completely used to it now though, I've even spotted some on the second highest platform already, and they love that thing! :)

They still rolled off the little platforms here at times, or even more clumsy, fell off :D

But slapping a moving brother below you sure is great fun!

Lancelot went up even higher but got tired I guess... so he rested his little head backwards on one of the little houses :D

Perceval in his beloved basket, doing his beloved meows :)

Small size difference :P

Little Perce wanted to sleep, but big brother Lancy had other plans!

I guess the looks on their faces say it all! :O

Yep, some more meows :)

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