Monday, June 2, 2014

Random little knights pics

Here are some more photos from the first couple of days :)

Tristram wrapped in a towel after getting a little washing. They don't like to be washed, but kittens can get quite messy (to a point where baby wipes won't help anymore), so it needs to be done at times! In fact, he just had a little bath again, fell in the milk :D

And here he shows why there's cardboard around the bench, the bottom row has slightly wider openings...

All the pics that I've showed so far were made with my phone, and for these pics I used the front cam, so Lancelot saw himself on the screen!

Here they're sleeping together. I prefer to give them baskets and boxes, but there were a few days when things just kept getting really dirty and I ran out of filling for the bench :/ So they just got some towels till everything was dry again. Luckily it didn't make them sleep any less good!
Right now they have a box, a hanging basket and a soft basket, so more hiding spots and more playing space, although it's still quite tricky for them to actually get on the box and into the basket :)

Tristram was the little adventurer on the first days, loved to cuddle and lie near my face

Dew looks HUGE! :D

It's going a lot better now with him and the kittens, but the first few days he was so clueless. He didn't understand why those tiny squeeking things weren't interested in him and kept making so much noise! He did want to bring them a mouse and a bird though... I guess that's what his mum did when they were living in the wild. He can't leave the garden but that won't stop him from catching prey, and it's pretty cute (yeah, and disgusting :P) that he wants to bring that to them.

Perceval liked funky sleeping positions, yep, that's him hanging over that plush toy!

And here he moved position to sleep with his behind on Lancelot's face :D

Arthur looks so cute and tiny here! He's gotten so much bigger already (gained over 1/3 in weight!) and his ears look more catlike now too :)

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