Friday, June 13, 2014

A little photoshoot

Still catching up with posting the little knights, I made these pics on the 1st of this month :)

First we have Arthur, here he's still a bit wet from getting rinsed off. Because as you could see in my previous post, he eats like a little piggie! :D If you look closely, you can still see some wet food stuck to his nose, lol!

Then we have little Tristram, he might be small but oh that voice, I thought it would get lower. But nope, his high pitched sound just gets higher and louder, luckily he discovered that he can meow normal too :O

Tristram was snoozing on the floow when Lancelot started bugging him...

... and I think he wanted me to stop Lance instead of making photos ^_^

It's hard to get a closeup from Lancelot, he just comes to me straight away, and then you end up with pics like this!

Perceval was practicing his backing off sideways tactic, but he backed off straight into the couch, silly kitten :D He's doing great and no longer has wobbly legs, yaaaay! :)

His eyes aren't always this big, but he was a bit cuckoo here :)

With one of my cats' hairs stuck to his face, that's that thing over his eye in case you wonder :D

Lance with Tristram in the background

And here they are side by side

Little T doing what he does best, meowwwww! He's such a little dramaqueen at times :O

They also discovered they have nails, and *knocks on wood* they're pretty good with it! I do knot up my curtains at times, not because they climb 'em, but because when they're playing, they simply get stuck in between. Scratching furniture is something they don't do *knocks some more :P* but I showed them the scratchingpoles from the start, and they sure understand those now! Not the actual scratching, but they do love to climb them, especially Perce! And yes, I do have pics of that too, I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise :$

Arthur knockout on the floor

Isn't he adorable? :L

And here's Tristram, they all joined little Arthur, so what you see a bit here as well (and the whiskers on the above pics) is Lancelot. Perce is in the litterbox right behind them, silly kitten :D

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