Saturday, June 28, 2014

Arthur and Dewdew

Arthur and Dew were on the couch, which resulted in the usual washing/playing action :) The blankets with pawprint on the couch are little blankets that I got for them to take home, so when they arrive, they have something familiar with them. Not sure if they need it, but it's there if so :)

Isn't he pretty? ♥

Sleeping on my lap


  1. Such a sweet idea to send them off with blankets! Im definitely going to steal that idea with my next fosters.

  2. I just bought some really cheap little blankets! :) I don't want to give them something that's too expensive, because aside from the costs, I think new owners will enjoy getting items for their kitten as well, or maybe it's not their style whatever it is. I don't wanna force my stuff on them so to say, and when they're tired of it (or it breaks down, I don't think these'll last ages), they should feel comfy throwing it out as well, if that makes sense? But it's a small cost and it's a nice thought for me that they all go home with a familiar smelling blanket and toy mouse :) So it might help the kittens, and it definitely helps me! Will you be getting new puppies soon?

  3. That makes total sense. When we took our foster puppies to meet their new family, the first thing they did after we left (and we took the puppies home because they couldn't keep them till the following week) was go shopping for new stuff. I did give them the puppies favorite antlers to chew on but something that smelled familiar would have been nice. We are definitely going to foster again but need to get through the summer because we'll be out of town several times. It really is rewarding. I wish I could foster kittens but my dogs would not tolerate them.